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You are invited to join Chabad of Harlem to hear the TEN COMMANDMENTS this SHVUOT, which will be followed by a dairy buffet Kiddush luncheon, and an exciting ICE CREAM PARTY!

Sunday, May 20 2018, 11:30 am.

At Chabad of Harlem  437 Manhattan Avenue , First floor, New York NY 10026.

On Shvuot we commemorate G‑d's giving the Torah to the Jewish nation at Mount Sinai over three thousand years ago. At that time, each and every Jew, old and young, and even infants, were all present and joyfully received the Torah.

On Shvuot each year since than, on this great anniversary, we once again unite, old, young, and even infants, to be present, and listen to the Ten Commandments, and reunite with each other, and G‑d, who is the giver of the Torah.

Special thanks to our sponsors Ariel Property AdvisorsGoNoFee.Com, and Uptown Flats for making this event possible.

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