The Shabbat Kiddush has become a vital part of Chabad of Harlem as it doesShabbat Table much to create friendships, community and the warm Shul atmosphere in which we take great pride!

You may choose to sponsor a Kiddush in honor of an event of your choice. May the merit of sponsoring this beautiful event bring you and yours all the blessings of Nachas, happiness and much success in all your endeavors!

Yes! I'd like to sponsor a Kiddush at Chabad.
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Standard Kiddush costs $180 and includes:

Choice of Lox or Deli and condiments, salads, kugel or Pasta salad, cholent, challah, cake or cookies.

Personalized cake add on - $55

Deluxe Sponsored Kiddush costs $360 and includes:

Two full courses of Challah, fish, salads, deli, meat cholent, kugels, desserts and includes a celebratory cake (for personalization of birthday/anniversary etc., must order a week in advance.)  

Payment Information
Standard Kiddush - $180 Deluxe Kiddush - $360
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 I prefer to mail a check to Chabad of Harlem, 437 Manhattan Avenue, Suite 1A, New York, NY 10026