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CGI Schedule 2016

Camp Gan Izzy Activity Calendar- Summer 2016/5776
The Jewish Home Tour!

Week 1: Front Door
Monday- Mezuzah Cover Modge Podge!
Tuesday- Dress up as your favorite Superhero!
Wednesday- Frozen Yogurt Pops!
Thursday- Gak Time!
Friday- Honey Oat Challah!

Week 2: Kitchen
Monday- No Camp- Independence Day
Tuesday- Favorite Animal dress-up!
Wednesday- Soft-bite Pretzel Making!
Thursday- Marbeled Milk Science!
Friday- Chocolate Challah!

Week 3: Living Room
Monday- Mosaic Welcome Art!
Tuesday- Guess Who? Surprise Dress-up!
Wednesday- Smoothie Bar!
Thursday- Sparkle Playdough!
Friday- Rainbow Challah!

Week 4: Dining Room
Monday- Shabbat Candle Decorating!
Tuesday- Wear Your Shabbat Best!
Wednesday- Chicken Soup!
Thursday- Fizzy Rainbow Science!
Friday- Sprinkle Challah!

Week 5: Bedroom
Monday- Tie-dye a Pillowcase!
Tuesday- Pajama Day!
Wednesday- Apple Crisp!
Thursday- Lava Lamp!
Friday- Seed Challah!

Week 6: Playroom
Monday- Friendship Necklace!
Tuesday- Twin Dress-up Day!
Wednesday- Blueberry Muffins!
Thursday- Ice Block Rescue Mission!
Friday- Cinnamon Challah!

Camp Updates
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